Thursday, September 15, 2011

Twizzlers - Makes Mouths Happy

Twizzlers make mouths happy. There's no doubt about that. Twizzlers are the best tasting licorice out there and the tastes are unbelievably great. I am sure you remember eating licorice for the first time and the real joy you got from it. It probably was a Twizzlers brand. Now's the time to reacquaint yourself with the great taste you grew up with.

Twizzlers got it start in 1845 as the Young and Smylie candy company. It eventually grew into the National Licorice Company in 1902, but by 1968 it had returned to the name Y&S. In 1977, they were acquired by Hershey's. Their Twizzlers brand of licorice became extremely popular through sales in movie theaters. Now you can find them in stores, movie theaters and anywhere basic candies are sold.

Twizzlers come in more than one type. Of course there is the traditional long pieces of licorice called Twists. They are popular for their chewy taste, but there are also Nubs, Peels, and Bites. All varieties allow you to get the licorice taste that you are craving in easy to use packages. They make it easier than ever to enjoy the licorice that you want. Licorice makes a great gift for all occasions and it's rare that someone doesn't enjoy the great taste of Twizzlers.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Twix - Oh Yea

Two for me, none for you. Chew it over a Twix. Twix, it's all in the mix. These are mottos of the Twix bar. This delicious candy bar combines the sweets and chocolate you love in a snack that is popular the world over. Nobody can deny its one-of-a-kind taste.

Twix is made by Mars, one of the world's largest candy bar manufacturers. The Twix bar, like most great Mars candy bars, was introduced first in the UK. After a successful launch in the UK in 1967, it was finally released for the first time in the US in 1979. It was a memorable time because Twix set themselves apart by including two small bars in each package. It was perfect for sharing, or even hoarding to yourself.

Twix bars start off with a butter and sugar cookie base. To this crisp and light cookie base sweet chewy caramel is added. Finally a coating of rich milk chocolate covers the entire bar. This triple explosion of tastes makes Twix the unique candy bar that it is. It's great taste is out of this world. Packaged with two bars per pack, it looks like real candy bar value.

There are several different varieties of Twix available. These varieties change from time to time, but the candy store always has the best tasting varieties available.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Tic Tacs - The Most Popular Breath Mint

The 2 calorie breath mint. That's right, Tic Tac. Tic Tacs are the small and powerful breath mint that gets your mouth feeling clean and fresh without taking in a lot of calories. Tic Tacs come in the small plastic box that are so familiar at the supermarket checkout.

The first Tic Tac breath mint was produced in 1969 by Ferrero, one of the largest candy makers. They were packaged in a simple little case with a living hinge top. Each package contained approximately 36 mints and were known for the rattling sound they make when you shake them.

By the 1970's, the Cinnamon Tic Tacs made their appearance to much fanfare and led to even more flavors of this cute little breath mint. The small mints were originally just 1 1/2 calories until the 1990's when they increased in size and increased to 1.9 calories each. This meant even more fresh and clean flavor.

Tic Tacs have been extremely popular throughout their production run. In fact, they are now the most popular breath mint in the US and several other countries around the world. Millions of people every single day enjoy the fresh and clean feeling they get when they eat a simple Tic Tac breath mint.

Everyone Loves Gummi Candy

Do you remember Gummi Candy? Of course you can. Everyone can remember their soft, chewy, flavorful goodness. With so many different types available, it's hardly surprising that they are one of the most popular types of candy out there.

Gummi candies have long been popular because of the gelatin-like feel. It's chewy when you eat it and it releases it's flavor into your mouth as you eat it slowly. It's a great candy for kids of all ages who enjoy the great flavors.

The cute little Swedish Fish candies are particularly popular and are staple of any Gummy connoisseur. Everyone also knows about Gummi Bears. These cute little candies in the shape of a bear are perennial favorites around the world. Sour Patch Kids give you the great Gummy feel that you love with a twist, in addition to a sweet taste, you get a sour flavor experience with them.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

King Size Candy Bars

You love the big candy bars. One small candy bar just doesn't satisfy your appetite because you want something bigger. You know that size does really matter. That's why you love eating King Size Candy bars. The big, thick candy bars give you the candy taste in a quantity that makes sense for you.

During the early 1980's, in order to hold the line on candy cost increases, candy bars began to mysteriously shrink in size. Instead of going up price, they became a bit smaller. At the same time, people's appetite for candy bar goodness increased. There was really only one solution for the major candy bar brands and that was to come out with King Size Candy bars.

King sized candy bars were not without controversy. There were those who said that there was no good reason to eat so much chocolatey goodness at one time. They made many claims, but they couldn't deny the truth, King Size candy bars are as decadent as they are satisfying. They are packed with goodness that defies explanation.

The best candy bars are available in King Size these days. You can buy a King Size Snickers, a King Size Butterfinger, a King Size Baby Ruth, and a King Size Payday. You can get plenty of candy bar goodness packed in a single bar.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Now and Later Taffy

You loved the taste of taffy growing up. The taste of taffy as it would hit your mouth has pure delight. It's still the same delight when you eat Now and Later. The sweet tasting taffy candy is still a hit with kids of all ages. The chewy fruity goodness that you grew up with is still found today. You can enjoy the great taste of Now and Later whenever and wherever desire.

Now & Later was originally introduced by The Phoenix Candy Company in 1962 to much fanfare. The Phoenix Candy Company had been in operation since 1919 and had found success with their salt water taffy products. The introduction of Now and Later opened a new door for the company that brought about increased success. The near instant hit of it sent the company to the big leagues.

Now and Later was originally sold in a bar shape and was given its name because it was a special kind of taffy where some of the candy could be eaten now and some of it could be eaten later. This type of product was particularly popular. It originally had just 3 flavors, but today there are 15 different flavors for your candy eating enjoyment.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Snickers Means Satisfaction

Packed with peanuts, Snickers is real satisfaction. When you don't have the time for a full snack, grab out a Snickers bar and you'll quench your hunger until your next meal. Snickers has got plenty of chocolate for instant energy and peanuts to keep that energy with you for longer. That's why Snickers are the perfect in between meal snack.

Snickers bars are produced by Mars, one of the largest candy bar makers in the world. They're the company behind many of the most popular candy bars in the world. Believe it or not, Snickers got its name from a favorite horse of the Mars family. Snickers were first produced in 1930. It was the second candy bar made by Mars and has proved to be very successful. It is now the number 1 selling candy bar in the world with sales of more than $2 billion per year.

Snickers is sold around the world. It used to be known in part of the world as the Marathon bar because of its ability to keep you going for long stretches of time, but now it's known around the world as Snickers. No matter where you go in the world, you can find a great tasting snack companion.

Snickers is made with a rich chocolaty nougat packed with peanuts and covered by a rich milk chocolate covering. The chewy nougat and peanuts combine to create the powerful snack remedy that its famous for.